What is European Beech wood?

European Beech is a light, bright wood that is straight-grained, with uniform texture and color. It is relatively heavy, hard and strong but is fairly easy to machine and it can be sanded to a high polish. Beech is often clear finished to highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain and even, light color.  European Beech wood trees commonly grow to 100 feet high, with a trunk diameter 3-5 feet. The European Beech tree is sustainable grown throughout Europe, and is an important and widely-used hardwood in Europe, Asia and  North America, . 


Does Beech wood make good furniture?

The straight grain of beech adds strength to chairs, tables and stools. That's why Solid European beech wood would make ideal furniture for commercial use, and with proper maintenance, beech wood will look beautiful for many years. One trait of beech wood that makes it attractive is a relatively clean surface presentation – there is only a mild grain, which allows the beauty of the finish and upholstery to take center stage. The density of European beech wood is also appealing. Beech is a relatively non-porous wood with a strong surface, which means that beech wood furniture will hold up well over time.  Additionally, the hard surface of European beech wood will resist gouging and chipping better than many other wood types, such as Ash wood, Oak wood and Rubber Wood.

How to make solid wood chairs & tables?

Chairs & tables made from solid wood is extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance. All wood used for furniture construction needs to be properly dried to a certain humidity level (normally is 8%-10%) to help prevent the wood from future splitting. This drying process is done through a combination of air drying and kiln drying by professional equipment. Joint construction is the main indicator of quality furniture. Anything held together with staples or nails is shoddy construction. The best joints are either dovetail or mortise-and-tenon. "Solid Wood Chairs" means the main parts of the frames are made by solid wood, while some support bars are made of plywood that made by by same type of wood. 


All of the custom made solid wood furniture sold at www.absolute-seating.com is crafted of high quality solid European beech wood that is sustainable harvested. Our custom upholstered chairs and bar stools are manufactured to meet national standards for fire
retardant of upholstered materials and foam padding. Our furniture frames are coated in a UV finish that is more durable and longer lasting than paint, has a higher abrasion and stain resistance, is environmentally safe, and is inherently water resistant. Also, each of our seat panels are made from plywood, not particleboard. All of these traits work to set us apart as a top beech wood furniture supplier in the hospitality industry.