Absolute Seating’s wood and metal restaurant furniture line is for indoor use only. Warranty will not cover products exposed to the elements such as water, direct sunlight, harsh, acidic agents or abrasives.

In order to ensure long-term durability, safety, and customer satisfaction on your restaurant chairs and restaurant furniture, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance. On a regular basis, no more than every 30 days, the end-user must inspect the restaurant furniture for structural integrity and solid construction or any other irregularities. Check all stress points and connections including screws, bolts, welds, brackets, wood joints, etc. Tighten all attachments as needed including seats (wood or cushion) to frames, backs to frames, swivels, brackets, and glides. In order to avoid injury, take questionable furniture out of restaurant and/or service immediately and contact our customer service for warranty information.

Product Care



Metal Frames: Use a damp cloth. For grease and other stains use a combination of mild soap, water

and wash thoroughly.


Wood: Coat with hard paste wax every few months for the first year and then as needed thereafter.

Liquid spills should be cleaned up immediately. A liquid wood cleaner/wax product should be used

for general cleaning. (Do not use any solvents, abrasive or other harsh cleaners).


Vinyl & Upholstery: needs proper maintenance and regular cleaning even though it is very durable.

The best way to clean a vinyl seat or booth is to remove dirt with a soft damp cloth right after a spill.

Use; warm water, a few drops of dish-washing soap, moisten a soft cloth with soapy water and wipe

down gently. Finish the process by rinsing the cloth in clean water and going over the vinyl once more.
Never use oil on the seat/booth as it will harden the Vinyl. DO NOT USE ANY AMMONIA NOR



Laminated Table Tops: Use mild soap and water (do not use any ammonia or chlorine products).


Patio Furniture:

Patio furniture is made of aluminum and is built to last. But, general cleaning and maintenance is still required.
Over time aluminum loses its shine due to oxidation. Using car or metal wax every few months will help prevent the oxidation process and will keep your patio furniture in good condition.
We recommend covering the furniture with weather proof covers when not in use.


Poly-Teak: Wash with mild soap and warm water.

If you have any questions in regards to care and maintenance feel free to contact us at any time via email or telephone. ……….

General Tips:

When removing or re-positioning items on the tables always lift the items, instead of pushing or sliding, this lowers the chance of scratching the wood.

When using candles on the tables; use a small tray, votive candle holder or wider candle stand to prevent the heat from the candle and hot wax from damaging the wood.

Direct sunlight will eventually damage your furniture and cause colors to fade. Shades, tinted windows or placing seating away from the sun are things to consider when planning the decor and style of the establishment.

Always use place mats and hot pads when serving hot food on the table.

When moving furniture, avoid dragging them. Always lift the restaurant chairs and tables to move to the desired spot.

When washing the floors avoid contact between your chairs and the water. Make sure to move furniture out of the water’s way.